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Game Overview

Quench is a story-driven puzzle game set in a colourful, lo-fi world. You play as Shepherd, an avatar of nature, and you have the power to control the weather to guide herds of animals on a perilous journey.

You must protect your flock, tend the land, and unravel the mystery of the strange smokebeasts that have invaded the world.

Summon rain to bring life to withered plants, quench fires and calm enraged spirits.

Create gusts of wind to hurry your animals along, confuse attackers, and shift great dunes of sand.

Quake the earth to break open chasms and fountains, stun smokebeasts, and clear boulders blocking the way.

Strike lightning to start fires, revive fallen animals and strike down foes.

Quench is an illustrated fable about overcoming differences to restore the world. Explore ways in which kindness, compassion, and forgiveness are powers unto themselves as you protect and care for your animal companions through their challenging pilgrimage.

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